If you would like to strengthen your abdominal muscles but don’t know how to start…

… you are in the right place!

My video can show you how to begin in a safe and gentle way, especially if:

-you haven’t done a lot of core work before, or not successfully.

-you find strong abdominal exercises intimidating.

-your body feels tight and weak.

-your breathing is shallow.

-your back hurts.

If you find any of the above true for you, I hope my free video can teach you some building blocks and give you confidence.

The video teaches you:

-Abdominal breathing, which you can use whenever you need to calm down or de-stress.

-Engaging and strengthening the abs while breathing, something you can do whenever you have a moment: in the car, at home, waiting in line, etc.

-Engaging the pelvic floor, crucial to do when you strengthen the abs and important to avoid future prolapse and incontinence.

-Releasing muscles: relaxing tight muscles in the lower back and between the shoulder blades.

-Relaxation: how to concentrate on the breath to relax body and mind.


I hope the free 15-minute YouTube video can reassure you that it is possible to change any core weakness you may feel right now, and that it is ok to start gently.


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