Osteoporosis: how yoga can help prevent or reverse bone loss

When I mention to my yoga students that a pose is good against osteoporosis, I often get a blank stare. We are usually not aware of this “silent disease” that can put us at a high risk of breaking bones and becoming incapacitated. However, this progressive loss of mineral density in bones is very real. Almost 1/3 of women have a hip fracture before they are 80 years old. 25% of hip fractures after 50 lead to death within the year because of the resulting immobility, painful nights, increased risk for infection, change of lifestyle, depression etc. Although osteoporosis is less prevalent in men, they are by no means excluded and often less timely diagnosed. Once diagnosed with osteoporosis, it is possible to counteract further bone weakening, but preventing this difficult condition is much easier and more effective than treating it. The good news is that practising yoga is one of the best ways to prevent and manage osteoporosis! Read in this blog how yoga for osteoporosis can work.