Core strengthening: daily routines for a healthier back

In her incredible and inspiring life story, Jo Malone says that life is about conquering things. In her journey from growing up in a council flat and struggling with dyslexia to being a world-known, innovative perfumer, she has had to conquer limitations over and over again. We all have to do this to a certain extent, and quite acutely when we have to live with pain or a disability.

If you have back pain you will know that you have to conquer feeling bad or even conquer despair every day. You may have to go from specialist to specialist until you find the one that finally helps you relieve or manage your back pain. You may need to adjust your plans and movements to avoid the pain from getting worse. You try doing exercises regularly to keep your back healthy and avoid a relapse. In any case, what you do every day will count: avoiding certain movements, at least temporary, and including others that can relax and strengthen you. Because core strengthening is an essential part in your journey to a stronger back, I made a video series that you can easily include in your daily routines.

This blog is for those of you who don’t know very well how to start strengthening abdominal muscles, perhaps because you fear that core strengthening may increase your back pain. My video series show you how to do this in a gentle and safe way. The first session is super gentle, safe and while including exercises that will start engaging your abdominal muscles, it will also relax your back.

The first session contains much needed skills for a healthy back. They are basic but many of us either don’t know these skills or we don’t automatically include them in our daily movements. You will learn relaxed abdominal breathing, pelvic floor strengthening and how to get down to and up from the floor. Engaging the pelvic floor muscles is often overlooked in core strengthening exercises, but they are essential for women as well as men, especially when we increase the strength of the abdominal wall and thus increase the pressure downward.

The other videos can be bought and they progress carefully from the first, giving you easy to follow instructions.

If you need a little extra support on a daily basis, a voice to tell you to actually do these exercises, and to tell you exactly how, then this video series is for you! Just play the 15 minutes every day, go to the next one or stay for a while with the easier ones before progressing. It will give you strength as well as greater flexibility and relaxation: a truly luxurious way to look after yourself.

Try the first session right here.


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