Heavy legs in summer: the yoga solution


Do you suffer from heavy legs after a hot summer’s day or after long periods of standing? There is a simple, soothing inversion that can relieve leg fatigue and heaviness. This supported inversion can also be helpful when you have varicose veins, oedema in legs, ankles and feet and lower back pain. In addition, it stretches the back of the legs and is soothing for the nervous system. So if you feel stressed or anxious, this an excellent position to relax in, regardless whether your legs need it or not. For all these issues and for heavy legs in summer, try this yoga solution!

Feeling heaviness in the legs can be a symptom of leg swelling or oedema, the result of fluid retention in the veins and lymph vessels of feet, ankles and legs. If the leg swelling is very sudden and accompanied by other symptoms, please seek medical help. If not, this pose can provide blissful relief, helping the circulatory and lymphatic systems. As mentioned before, it relaxes the nervous system so it is a super, multi-tasking pose!

Legs up the wall pose for heavy legs in summer

– If your hamstrings are quite flexible, you can lie very close to the wall with your legs at a 90-degree angle to your body. Place yourself sideways next to the wall, almost “sitting” on the wall with one sitting bone, and swing both legs up so you lie on your back.
– If your hamstrings are not so flexible you can start by lying further away from the wall. Find the distance where the legs feel stretched but not painful.
– Relax your arms to the side; a little distance away from the body is more releasing for the shoulders.
– keep your attention on your breath and on the feeling of groundedness and relaxation along the whole back , shoulders and neck. If your neck feels tight, place a low pillow under your head.
– Hold for about 10 minutes if comfortable.
– To come out of the position, bend your legs and roll over to the side. Push yourself up with one arm, slowly.


The variations below can be used when your legs start to tingle or tire, but also simply as variations to stretch different parts of your legs.

Variation 1: straight legs out to the side


Variation 2: soles of the feet together



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  1. anne harling

    Thank you for these. I broke my left femur through a horse riding accident a few years ago. I had three ops on it as it took nearly four years to mend. I have metal rod in the femur bone but am again able to walk without a stick. I find my leg gets tired if I have been walking or when I have been siting a while. I find it painful to stoop down and if I kneel it is not for very long. I also have varicose veins. I have been looking for some exercise I could do to relieve both legs and I will give this a try. Regards, Anne.

    1. Bene Yoga

      Thank you Anne, I hope these exercises will help you. Best wishes, Bene

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