Is this you?

  • You suffered from acute, agonising back pain and are afraid of a relapse. You’ve been helped by several back pain specialists but would now like to continue the healing process and get back to an active life.
  • You currently have acute or chronic back pain that is draining and exasperating. You’re afraid to move. Pain wakes you up at night and restricts your activities during the day. It prevents you from being as generous and carefree as you’d like to be.
  • Your favourite sports or activity has started giving you a painful neck or back and you’re afraid of having to give it up.
  • You’re concerned about nagging pain in your back, confused what to do about it and how to prevent it from getting worse. You would like a holistic approach with beneficial exercises that you can also do at home. 

Back pain is draining and may cause you to feel weak, powerless and debilitated. It’s frustrating to worry about your health and feel that you cannot live the full life you’d like to live. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Yoga therapy for back care gives you the wellness practices that help you ease the pain, prevent relapses and make you feel stronger. What’s more, it helps you improve your back health and general wellbeing at the same time. 

Are you ready to ease your back pain and feel stronger, energised and more confident?


Yoga therapy can help!

While a general yoga class may contain poses that are counterproductive or even harmful when you have back pain, yoga therapy provides you with a well-planned and careful yoga regime for your particular back condition. My yoga therapy for Back Care Programme of five sessions has helped hundreds of people with non-specific lower back pain, scoliosis, facet problems, sciatica, sacroiliac joint pain, and herniated discs, to name a few.

The back-care programme provides self-care practices that safely stretch and strengthen the necessary muscle groups and that address imbalances and misalignment. You’ll learn how to work with the breath, which has a calming effect and the amazing power to release physical and emotional tensions. Including the breath also makes the movements rewarding and satisfying. Relaxation techniques and visualisations will help you deal with pain and stress. Finally, the attention to body and breath allows the mind to focus and relax.

You’ll receive home practices and be encouraged to incorporate yoga in your daily life. This includes adopting a good posture, learning which daily movements are best avoided for a while, and what you can do regularly to keep looking after your body and feel better.

Imagine, that even though you might experience back pain occasionally, you’d know exactly what to do about it. You wouldn’t be afraid to move, because you’d know which movements to avoid and how to release tightness and pain. On top of that, you’d know how to ease general stress levels.


Yoga Therapy For Back Health:

5 sessions of private yoga therapy

Designed as a support system that helps you to:

  • get rid of your back pain, or manage and reduce it.
  • release muscle tightness and stress.
  • strengthen weaker muscles.
  • feel more relaxed.
  • improve your flexibility and mobility.
  • know how to avoid relapses.
  • improve your posture.
  • optimise your breathing mechanism.
  • feel more energised.
  • do the practices at home. Your yoga home practice will be time and space for yourself, to restore and relax.

Not sure if this is right for you? Let’s discuss your back pain and see if yoga therapy is the right fit for you.

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Fees and packages:

Five home visits£550
Five individual sessions in Chiswick or online £425
One individual session£90
Five maintenance sessions £350
One maintenance session £75
Yoga therapy for back care