There is nothing that ages us so much as a tight, painful body. However, many aspects that we fear in old age, such as bad posture, joint pains, weak and tight muscles, fear of falling and a frazzled mind, don’t have to be part of ageing. Muscles, for example, respond to strengthening and gentle stretching at any age. Of course, the earlier we start with self-care, the more we can live our best lives till well into our 80s and beyond.

After years of teaching yoga to people over 50, I am convinced that yoga therapy allows us to be more mobile, strong, balanced and focused at any age.

Yoga classes for healthy ageing are different from other yoga group classes. They aim to improve general wellness within everyone’s range of comfort. Instead of targeting the already fit and strong, these classes are created for people who are interested in enhancing and maintaining their physical and mental wellness over the years.

My group classes on Zoom are aimed specifically at strengthening muscles and bones, maintaining flexibility and mobility, improving balance, focusing the mind, and optimising the breath. These are supportive classes, designed for people roughly between 40 and 70
years old. 

Every session includes working with the breath and mindful attention.
Areas of particular focus are:
Posture improvement
Leg and arm strength
Improving balance
Releasing neck and shoulder muscles
Back health
Whole body stretching
Better sleep
Breathing optimally to enhance general health and wellbeing

If this speaks to you, come and join my wellness group classes on Wednesdays or Saturdays
at 10am. You don’t need any yoga experience, and the cost is £25 per session, pay as you go. Before the first session, we’ll have a free consultation session to get to know each other and organise the technical aspects of Zoom. 

If you would prefer to have private sessions, I include all the elements of healthy ageing in my private sessions. Don’t hesitate to book a free consultation call. 

Contact me for a free consultation session!

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