• “I have been benefitting from Bene’s yoga for almost 5 years now and I would heartily recommend her. I went to her because a chronic back problem was becoming debilitating and I had had enough of the pain and immobility that went with it. I was determined to do something to help the situation and Bene embraced the challenge with great integrity, knowledge and commitment. Her gentle manner and quiet confidence was exactly what I needed to get me over the psychological barrier of expecting my body to move with flexibility and ease again. I wasn’t sure it ever would but I trusted her and I’m so pleased I did because she was absolutely right. I made such great progress after a relatively short time and I simply cannot thank her enough. She is a consummate professional and a total delight to work with…. anyone who has the opportunity to work with her can count themselves very blessed indeed.” Liz

  • “I was completely new to Yoga when I first met Bene. Initially, I booked individual sessions, until I felt comfortable joining a class on a Tuesday morning. The benefits in my daily life are enormous. I now consider my breathing more, my balance and how I start my day, with a variety of stretches and gentle exercises. Bene is very aware of any issues we may have regarding stiffness etc. in our bodies, prior to the class starting. We finish the class with a lovely relaxation session and a cup of herbal tea. Perfect.” Sue

  • “I contacted Bene as she specialises in Yoga for people with back/neck issues so I felt confident this would be right for me. I booked the 1-2-1 session pack and found myself enjoying it straight away. I feel as if my muscles are working hard, but no pain at all. The sessions are relaxed and interesting with no pressure and it has definitely improved my flexibility. I look forward to learning new positions each time! Highly recommend Bene’s yoga sessions – for anybody.” Elizabeth

  • “I had been looking for a Yoga teacher for a long time and meeting Bene went beyond my expectations. She listened to my needs and tailored the classes meticulously. It did wonders.
    I used to go to the physio every week, now I go to yoga therapy. I gained back confidence in my body and its strength while minimising the chronic pain, a relief! I am really thankful!” Yasmine

  • “Quite an amazing experience on a weekly basis and I cannot recommend Bene enough –she is simply excellent.” Pete and Sally

  • “I highly recommend Bene’s individual and group sessions. She has helped me to straighten and strengthen my dislocated elbow and to regain overall well being and confidence. I have tried other yoga teachers but Bene is unique — she tailors her sessions to your individual needs and is so supportive. I always leave our sessions feeling incredibly positive and relaxed. Thank you, Bene!” Elaine

  • “I have been going to Bene’s classes for 4 years now, and having had sciatica for 18 months before I started with her, I was nervous. I am constantly astounded by her knowledge. I had no idea a downward dog was over stretching the very part I was trying to heal! I personally have learnt more in the last 3 years than in the past 20 years of doing yoga and feel so much better. I know I am in good hands now.” Jane

  • “ Working with Bene on a weekly basis and practising yoga daily at home, has really improved the feeling and flexibility within my hip. When I was first diagnosed with arthritis of the hip, it was a diagnosis given as very much doom and gloom, with the outlook of a hip replacement within 20 years. I was determined that this would not be the case and now I know that not only has yoga hugely increased the flexibility within my hip, but I am also pain free. I have also noticed that I have developed a huge love for the practice of yoga and also for my weekly sessions with Bene! I count my blessings the day I found her and started my yoga journey.” Millie

  • “Yoga last week was amazing – I had been feeling painful and stiff and thinking that I was getting old for weeks due to a long time without yoga and then after your yoga session I felt wonderful again. Doing yoga with you and practising what you teach me at home now means that I can successfully control my back pain and continue doing the activities I love. Thank you!” Rebecca

  • “Bene was wonderful in one-to-one sessions when I injured my lower back. She showed me lots of different exercises to strengthen the area, which I followed every day between sessions, and within a week my back was much better. I kept the painkillers to a minimum and avoided the GP thanks to Bene. She was also able to fit me in on Saturdays at very short notice so we could tackle the problem quickly before it got worse. I would highly recommend a visit to her beautiful, restful home studio.” Kate

  • “Bene tailors my regular one-to-one class to address my back pain issues which works very well. Despite being a relative beginner, I have been to several yoga teachers over the years and Bene is the best!” Nick

  • “Bene is a fantastic yoga instructor! She tailors each session to my specific requirements, and I always feel invigorated and centered after our weekly session.” Jennifer

  • “Bene was very helpful in introducing me to gentle yoga techniques that enable me to stretch and exercise my back. I do some of these regularly now and I am sure that they have contributed to the extended period of significantly reduced pain and discomfort that I am enjoying.” Gavin

  • “In my first individual session with Bene, I experienced such an alignment in my body and quietness of my mind: pure bliss! I have been practising yoga with Bene for 7 years now. Thanks to Bene’s gentle teaching, her passion for yoga and continuous studying, I feel I’m always in good hands when practising.
    Feeling healthy in my body, peaceful in my mind, ready for whatever life brings me – it is definitely Yoga for Well-being!” 

  • “Regular yoga lessons with Bene, backed-up with my own practice, have helped me to manage my lower back pain and keep my body in good condition. I sleep better and feel stronger and more active during the day.” Ben

  • “I would recommend Bene’s one-to-one classes either as standalone yoga lessons for an individual or as an ideal adjunct to her weekly well-being and back pain and stress relief classes. Bene designs sessions, including particular asana and restorative postures, based on individual needs and goals. It is an excellent way to learn as a beginner, or develop a more focused and personalised practice, with a great teacher in a calm environment.” Charlotte