Emergency yoga part 3: Exhaustion


It is that time of the year in London, when the calendar is filled with seasonal parties from every group, club, school and music class you and your family belong to. The first gatherings are usually fun and fill you with the excitement of the holiday season, the unfortunate last ones (with yet again mince pies and mulled wine) become slightly more of a chore.

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Top tips for neck pain

Beautiful young woman workout on coastline in summer in the morning. Concept of sport and healthy lifestyle

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning and you immediately realise something is seriously wrong: your neck gives you stabbing pain on one side and you can hardly move your head? It may even be so bad you can hardly lift your head off the pillow… You must have ‘slept wrongly,’ with your head on the ‘wrong’ pillow. It can take a week before turning your head to one side becomes easier. What is causing this??


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Rounded upper back and shoulders? How to look after your posture

slouching picture

If you feel worried about your posture and find that your shoulders are rounding forward, if you would like to stand tall and straight, this blog is for you.

In our time many people sit for long periods, slouch in comfortable sofas or car seats, stay hunched over phone or computer, and then suddenly discover their back is weaker and less straight than they would like it to be.

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