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Morning yoga routine for a healthy back

When faced with a health challenge such as back pain, what you do every day counts, and how you start the day is very important. Starting with a morning yoga routine prepares your back in the best possible way for the day ahead. If you think about it, you already have a morning routine: the way you get out of bed, move to the shower and eat your breakfast all involve movements that may or may not benefit your back. This article will walk you through a morning yoga routine for a healthy back. You can do this practice every day to maintain a pain-free, flexible and strong back. These movements are suitable for general lower back stiffness and mild back pain. Doing the movements in coordination with the breath will also soothe the nervous system and set you up for the day with a calmer and more focused mind. 

Yoga therapy for Spondylolisthesis

If you’ve been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis, you may feel at a loss of how to manage your back pain. If you were doing yoga, a back specialist probably told you that yoga is not a good idea. After all, many yoga practices would aggravate spondylolisthesis. While this may be true of a general yoga class, yoga therapy could be just right for you. The right exercises, relaxation and breathing would help you manage and relieve even such a complicated back condition as spondylolisthesis. Choosing yoga therapy for spondylolisthesis means that you can profit from all the physical, emotional and mental benefits of yoga. On top of that, you learn which movements and positions can help your back, and which should be avoided. Everyone is different, and it’s best to get a yoga therapy programme for your particular health condition. However, this blog aims to give you a head start with some general indications.

The yoga poses my kids are taking back to uni

I can’t really claim that my children are devoted yogis, but they have inevitably had to put up with yoga as a solution for just about everything, such as exam stress (“breathe!”), stress and anxiety (“breathe and connect with your feet!”), core strengthening (“this is a better way to do it”), and back pain… unfortunately also back pain. Over the years I have warned my children about the consequences of slouching until I myself slumped down in desperation. For young people the consequences of bad posture are not immediate, and all their friends slouch or practically lie at their desk… Unfortunately, at some point the chronically rounded spine has had enough, and the consequences are bound to be painful and limiting. My children both have a yoga mat in their student accommodations, not necessarily out of choice. But at least they can practice when their back hurts, or just lie on it. Below I explain the yoga poses my kids are taking back to uni. They are not only useful for students but for anyone who has to sit for many hours.

Why yoga therapy is a better option if you have back pain

Vancouver, Canada - July 24, 2013: Yoga enthusiasts participate in free lunch hour yoga classes on Jack Poole Plaza at Burrard Landing in downtown Vancouver. The Wednesday series runs from July to August and is presented by Lululemon Athletica.

You may have heard that yoga is good for your back. After all, it releases tight muscles, improves flexibility and is excellent for stress relief. Every time you try a class, however, your back seems to hurt even more. Before you decide that yoga is simply not for you, please read on. Yoga can be beneficial for back pain, but this blog will discuss four reasons why a general yoga class can make your back pain worse. It will also explain why yoga therapy is a better option if you have back pain. With yoga therapy, you learn how to relieve your particular back pain, and this empowers you to feel happier, stronger and more confident.

The importance of stretching leg muscles

Whether you are suffering from knee pain, back pain or hip tightness, tight leg muscles are often part of the problem. This blog focuses on the importance of stretching leg muscles to relieve lower back pain, but this kind of stretching is equally important if you don’t have back pain. I will demonstrate the easiest positions to stretch various leg muscles and also explain how to do this efficiently. Depending on the position and the method, your stretching efforts will be effective or have no impact at all.

How to heal more quickly when you’ve hurt your lower back

It usually comes unexpected, although you probably had a small voice in the back of your mind warning that you should not lift that weight, or that three hours driving non-stop is really too long… But you did it anyway, and your back ‘seized up’. When you strain your lower back, part of the healing will just involve time. However, there are several things that can speed up the recovery. In this blog I discuss how to heal more quickly when you’ve hurt your lower back.

Yoga for Hip Osteoarthritis

This blog is for you if you were diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis, but also if you would simply like to keep your hip joints healthy. The yoga movements discussed will help to lubricate your hip joints and stretch the muscles around the joints. Although osteoarthritis cannot be reversed, yoga for hip osteoarthritis does not only stretch and lubricate the joints but it can also strengthen the muscles around the hip to support it. Daily exercises can help you manage the pain and slow down the progression of hip osteoarthritis.

Releasing the diaphragm for better health and vitality

We’ve had quite an extraordinary year. The stress of the pandemic was perhaps very acute for you, or maybe it was always just lurking in the corner. Stress has a way of creeping up on us, with stressful thoughts starting to govern our day and tightness settling into our body. Because stress tends to restrict free and easy breathing, it has a negative effect on the whole body. This blog about releasing the diaphragm for better health and vitality explores how the breath can help you release physical and mental tensions. By taking a short time each day to simply breathe and centre yourself, you can create a peaceful haven for yourself. It will help you stay calm yet energised, ready to face whatever the rest of this year has in store.

15-minutes back care yoga

Everyone with back pain knows that there is no 15-minute quick fix. Likewise, everyone doing yoga knows that 15 minutes a day is not long enough to really get into the practice. Nevertheless, when you have back pain, making time for daily back care yoga will help you. It is making regular, small changes that can make a big difference. This is what I observe with my students who schedule 10 to 15 minutes for their yoga routine in the morning or before going to bed. The 15-minute back care yoga described in this blog is designed to gradually ease lower back tightness and can make a difference if you practise daily.

Yoga for a herniated disc – try this soothing rest position

A herniated disc in the lumbar spine can take a long time to heal. Even when the often-accompanying sciatic pain has gone after a few months, the healing process can last about a year. During this time, it is crucial to aid the healing process by practising certain movements and avoiding others. This blog about yoga for a herniated disc discusses which movements are important to avoid. It also describes one relaxation position that may give you relief from pain. If you are interested in yoga for a herniated disc, this blog is for you.