Session 1

Safe for those of you who have had a herniated disc UNLESS you do not feel comfortable with your legs on a chair. In this case try session 2 or leave the legs straight on the mat.
Learning to get down to the floor and come up in a safe way for your back.
Breath awareness in a supported rest position; abdominal breathing.
Working the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles with the breath.
Learning to contract and release muscles and why this is important.
Stretching the back of the legs.
Releasing hip joints.
Stretching neck and shoulders.

Session 2

Safe for those of you who have had a herniated disc. If it is more comfortable for you to have the legs straight, adjust this session and keep your legs extended on the mat.
Engaging the abdominal muscles in a restful, supine position.
Breath awareness.
Pelvic floor work with leg movement.
Relaxing and strengthening the psoas muscle.
Neck releases.
Releasing the hip joints.
Restorative rest position.

Session 3

Not safe if you have had pain as a result of a herniated disc in the past 3 months. Please stick to the previous 2 sessions until you have not felt the pain in your leg for at least 3 months.
Engaging the abdomen and stretching the back in kneeling positions.
Half plank pose: learning to do this correctly and safely, and how your breathing can help.
Moving the spine with lateral stretches and twists.
Relaxing the lower back muscles.
Relaxation with breath-visualisation.

Session 4

Safe to do if the previous session felt comfortable.
Dynamic abdominal work and mild strengthening for the back.
Lateral stretches.
Full plank pose and how to do this safely for your back.
Releasing tightness along the spine.
Golden exhalations to help relaxation.

Session 5

Safe to do if you only have occasional mild back pain with no serious relapses in the past 6 months or once you have no back pain any more.
How to do abdominal crunches in the correct and most efficient way.
Dynamic abdominal exercises involving leg movements.
Releasing and stretching exercises for the back and the legs.
Relaxation with healing-energy visualisation.

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